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Partnering for your success

The U.S. Federal IT market provides an outstanding revenue opportunity for all technology providers.


We assist our clients in making profitable business decisions and demonstrating:

1) Adaptability in a rapidly changing cyber landscape where precision is expected

2) A commitment to including a consistent U.S. Federal impact "voice" as a component of strategic planning initiatives

3) A long-term commitment to support and fund a “list of obligations” that being a trusted Federal partner requires

At Dromara Partners, we understand that dealing with complex and continual change within a critical market segment is not easy. We help technology providers of all sizes doing business with the US Government and Prime Contractors respond to change quickly in order to make profitable business decisions & stay aligned with current expectations. 


Our experience in digging deep on new requirements & bringing cross-functional teams together to meet new Federal expectations have taught us a repeatable approach to grow your Federal business in a responsive, compliant and profitable manner.

Are you ready to take a step into driving a consistent approach for your Federal business?

We are eager to start a dialog and share what we've learned.

Our People


Paul Brown

Founder & Managing Director

Paul launched Dromara Partners in 2017 after three decades as an executive for enterprise IT providers.


His experience gained as the National Security Executive for EMC Corporation's federation of companies and prior functional leadership roles in EMC's Product Line Management, Engineering, Services, Globalization, Partner and Sales organizations give him a unique perspective on the cross-functional teamwork and orchestration required to meet a continual wave of complex US Federal customer cybersecurity and compliance obligations. 

He is a graduate of Providence College's School of Business, has served on Government and private industry boards, and is an advisor to both start-ups and Senior Executives. 

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