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Planning to grab your slice of the $132B Federal IT Budget? Make sure you are truly FedReady!

Planning to grab a piece of the proposed FY24’ $132B budget that the U.S. Federal Government will spend on information technology offerings? Incredible revenue opportunities lay ahead along with the reality that you are also committing to support what may be your most demanding & complex customer.

For information technology providers, large and small, the US Federal Market is a critical segment of any total addressable market analysis and one that can expose uniquely large & repeatable revenue opportunities for companies. With that revenue upside is growing set of compliance & contracting obligations that MUST be understood to ensure your capability to deliver them, with perfection, is 100% mapped out before accepting a PO from an agency through a direct procurement vehicle, from a prime contractor, or through a channel partner.

Increasingly, companies who's primary book of business comes from Enterprise and Commercial customers are finding that selling into the US Federal IT Market has moved from traditional selling motion managed by Sales & Services organizations to one that is truly a “C Level” decision & ongoing responsibility given the required investment of time and capital from critical business organizations like Product Groups, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, IT, Service Delivery, Finance and Legal.

Organizing delivery of "slightly" different products & services to different customers, establishing new levels of rigor within contract management processes, carving global support staff out of your service delivery teams, segregating Federal data within internal IT systems and having the on-demand agility to address emerging requirements are now the new table stakes and thus, you need to approach this market as a team sport.

So….while that $132B market size is ever-so appealing, ensuring that your selling efforts to the US Federal Market are a profitable proposition starts with a fundamental question…do you have the time and resources to make a LONG TERM COMMITMENT for a market that is rapidly changing, under constant threat from the toughest adversaries on the planet and holds it's suppliers to the highest delivery standards in order to meet national security interests?

If you are in.....let us share the direct experiences of a former Fortune 150 IT supplier's dedicated US Federal enablement team who now wake up every day with the mission to help technology providers, of all sizes, accelerate their success in the US Federal IT Market by ensuring they are FedReady... having the RIGHT offering, the RIGHT path to the Agency $$, the RIGHT contracting experience and the RIGHT reputation to earn a seat at the table!


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